Kenya pilot

First pilot for Accessible Digital Textbook Initiative

Girl with intellectual disability smiling while using a tablet in the classroom.
18 June 2019

With seed-funding received from the UNICEF Innovation Fund we were able to start working on the development and testing of an accessible digital textbook in Kenya. Due to existing investment by the Government of Kenya in procuring digital devices and a request for support for the development of accessible digital content as well as a supportive policy environment in form of the new Ministry of Education (Sector Policy for Learners and Trainees with Disabilities) UNICEF Kenya was able to successfully collaborate across the public and private sector and actively involved UNICEF colleagues from different offices, making important collaboration possible, paving the way for similar projects around the globe.

Consequently, with additional resources received from the Finnish National Committee for UNICEF, through a shared-value partnership with Nokia, we were able to test the textbook in a wider range of schools, to work towards increasing learning outcomes for all children, including the most marginalized, using innovative digital solutions.

Choose from the links below to read three different human-interest stories that were captured during the testing of the Accessible Digital Textbook in Kenya, capturing the perspectives of various children in Kenya.

With support from the The Derek A.T. Drummond Fund (USA). UNICEF and partners are piloting an Accessible Digital Textbook in 25 primary schools in Kenya to boost digital literacy. The text book will help pupils from disadvantaged and remote areas - including girls and children with disabilities in urban informal settlements - to gain equitable access to digital learning in Kenya.

Read stories from the Kenya pilot

Making digital learning accessible for learners who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Making digital learning accessible for learners with intellectual disability.

Making digital learning accessible for learners who are blind or have low vision.