‘Learn My Way’ Reader

Prototype using Universal Design for Learning principles

Screenshot of the Learn My Way Reader Application
Elias Constantopedos

Link to video on it's hosted site.
Elias Constantopedos/Julie De Barbeyrac
Learn My Way Reader Prototype Video Android Tablet Demo

'Learn My Way' Reader prototype

The ‘Learn My Way' reader prototype is a proof-of-concept application that demonstrates Universal Design for Learning principles based on Readium and the EPUB technology infrastructure. The application features the English translation of the textbook Porta Aberta - Ciências Humanas e da Natureza, Unidade 4: vida ao meu redor for Grade 1 learners in Brazil. It follows the user requirements document that specifies the features of the application that must have toggled on/off capabilities to support learners with specific learning needs as well as all learners with and without disabilities.

The application presents an adaptation of the textbook that follows Universal Design for Learning concepts, including options to customize users’ reading experiences to their specific learning style, a synchronized voice-over and sign language video, interactive accessible activities and adjustable controls formatted to a touchscreen tablet.


The app source-code is available for download and custom modification as an open-source project file following the creative commons license.

Download the app source-code.

Click here to view the user requirements.

Read about the process UNICEF underwent to create the ‘Learn My Way’ reader.

An packaged version of the app for Android is also available. This is best viewed on a tablet with a 4:3 aspect ratio such a resolution of 2048 x 1536.

Download a version of the project for Android Tablet